Official Fishbowl Rules

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  • All players grab 1-3 bags and stand at an equal distance around the FISHBOWL.
  • Take turns throwing your bag at the board.
  • Once all bags have been thrown, everyone claims their bags and tallies their own score.
  • If your bag lands in the center net, the FISHBOWL, it is worth 3 points!
  • If your bag lands on the playing surface, it is worth 1 point.
  • If you miss the board, adjust your shot and try again next time around.
  • Every round, the player who tosses first rotates to change the order.
  • There is no score cancellation so the first player to reach a score of at least 21 points wins the game!


  • All players stand an equal distance around the board.
  • Two players opposite from each other hold one bag each.
  • To start the game, both players start tossing their bags, and retrieving after every toss.
  • If your toss misses the board, toss again!
  • If your bag lands on the board, retrieve the bag and pass it clockwise to the next player.
  • If your bag lands in the center net of the FISHBOWL, pass the bag to any player in the circle besides the player with the second bag.
  • When a player gets caught up to and has both bags, they are eliminated.
  • Once only two players remain, stand side by side at an agreed upon distance and the first player to make it into the FISHBOWL is the winner!


  • All players grab one bag and stand about ten feet away from the board.
  • Everybody tosses at the same time, and must land it on the board or in the FISHBOWL.
  • If you miss, you’re eliminated.
  • Everyone who landed on the board must take one step backward from their original starting point before their next toss.
  • If all remaining players at anytime miss the board, everyone reloads.
  • The last remaining player wins the game!


  • All players grab one bag and stand at an equal distance around the FISHBOWL.
  • At the same time, all players toss their bags towards the playing surface and try to score.
  • If your bag lands in the center FISHBOWL, it's three points!
  • If your bag lands on the playing surface, it's one point.
  • Everyone retrieves their bags and resets.
  • Once everyone is ready, toss again at the same time.
  • There are no cancellations, and first player to at least 21 wins!
  • Try different strategies like tossing high and being the last bag down, or throw a bullet to try and be the first one into the Fishbowl. Anything goes!


  • Have up to four teams of equal size.
  • Each team will have separate colored bags.
  • Every team stands at an equal distance from the board.
  • One at a time, each team shoots all of their bags, then tallies their score.
  • Before the next team shoots, make sure the previous team has cleared the board and announced their score.
  • After all teams have shot their bags, the team with the highest score gets 1 point.
  • The first team to earn 7 points wins the game!


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