The Ultimate Bag Toss Game!

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Fishbowl is the perfect game for:

· Tailgating

· Camping

· Barbecues

· Block Parties

· Picnics

· The Beach

· Large Groups

Fishbowl in Action!

About Fishbowl usa


One evening, while playing an outdoor game at a backyard bbq with family & friends we wanted a way to get everyone engaged and cut out the wait time. It was then & there that it all began...


The game was designed with lightweight, portability and durability in mind. Our design process resulted in a game that inspires creativity, with multiple ways to play so that everyone can join in on the fun.


While we are a team that likes to play hard, we work hard too. It is through our persistence and determination that we proudly introduce you to...FISHBOWL!


Fishbowl is our favorite family game. So fun to see how many creative options evolve while playing.

Yvette Miller

Best tailgate game ever! We love how many can participate in the fun.

Chris Morrow

Just got ours delivered. 100% stoked on it! Gonna share the joy and gift these out this Christmas.

Suzanne Scott